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Month: August 2012

Southend Flower Show

We built a marquee for Thomas Sanderson Blinds. They had a professional set company build the stand in the marquee. It all came down on the Sunday.

Marquee hire in Romford

We built a marquee in Romford this weekend for a 18th Birthday party, We could not believe how many enpty beer bottles we found in the garden.

Beautiful Garden in Hatfield

We visit many gardens in Essex each year, but few are as impressive as the marquees we built in Hatfield Essex. What a great garden, we built 5 marquees around the garden for the 200 quests to the garden BBQ. Its lucky they booked them as it rained nearly all afternoon.

Posh Marquees To The Rescue Again!

We were busy dismantling a Marquee in Blackmore, Essex on Saturday, the phone rang at 12 noon from a group who had been let down by a Marquee firm, They had a disco for 200 people starting at 8pm that night. So we managed to get to them and build a 39ft x 33ft Marquee (made from 3 marquees joined) by 5pm that afternoon.